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February 03, 2022 2 min read

FRESCOS is a collection of 999 1/1 hand drawn paintings living on Cardano Blockchain.

Although each painting is not extremely complex to make, the colours that are used along with the abstract centre line play create a very obvious organic movement.

This movement is expressed through Augmented Reality by downloading our partnered app, no sign up needed whatsoever. ( more info will follow )

Frescos is an art collection that is unique to the medium and breaks the barriers traditional art. The combinations of colours and shadows along with the colourful backgrounds create feelings of peace & serenity but also passion and sadness. The colour blends and the straight lines used are plenty to allow enough variety and produce surprising results.


Augmented Reality Paintings have been experimented on in the past with little success due to technological limitations.

Frescos is one of the first NFT Project that utilises Augmented Reality to showcase the complete artwork and we are very excited to share this collection with all of the crypto space.


After a lot of thought regarding the drop we decided to gamify it to resemble a Roulette game.

So how will this work?

STEP 1 — All interested parties can send their ADA to the specified address and get their spot on spinning the roulette wheel.

STEP 2 — Everyone that spins will be presented with the FRESCO they have won from the spin.

STEP 3 — All participants will also enter “ THE BIG RAFFLE ’’.

In this last step there will be more spins FREE for all participants. The winners will enjoy Holiday Giveaways to the Greek Islands valued approximately at $30000

The head of the Team and Artist of the collection, Mino owns holiday properties in the Greek islands and has already managed to partner with many hotels, villas and yachts, where the artworks will be also displayed.

All these properties will offer FREE + discounted holidays to FRESCOS holders.

Partnerships include properties in the Greek islands and Spain.

Holders of Frescos will be continuously granted Huge discounts for their bookings and entries to exclusive Giveaway Holiday raffles for all our partnered properties, yachts and experiences.

Aaand Nope… We are not done yet…

We are currently building our front end which will also serve as an e commerce store that will focus on physical goods such as hoodies, thermos, bags, socks, pillows, and anything we can print FRESCOS on.

Holders of the collection will also benefit from this.

( we are currently working on how this will work regarding our holders )

Last but not least, all holders will enter an exclusive club where all holders will be verified and we can all discuss about future use and utility of the project. We are really looking forward to working with the community!

Follow our Twitter at @frescosNFT

Creator : Mino Coozoolo ( Cooz )

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