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FRESCOS is a digital art collection immersive with Augmented Reality that lives on the Cardano Network.

A total of 999 NFTs were minted. All of them drawn on hand by Mino Coozoolo ( Cooz ) using Procreate. (Not Layered)

Download the ARTIVIVE on your iOS / Android device.Point your camera through the App your FRESCOS NFT and watch it come to life!

All paintings are unique and hand drawn hence they are all 1/1s. We will be adding different attributes according to the colours, shapes, movement and style.

Royalties are set at 2,5%.

The founder is Minos Chrysakis aka Cooz.

He is the artist of Frescos and takes care of the business and operations along with front end development.

He is also the owner of Mika Villas and Kouvohori Villas.

The co founder is Angel Fernandez aka Abstract Potato.

He is a Plutus Pioneer with many years of development in several languages.

He is also the CEO of Starch Industries.

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Each Fresco acts as a passport from which they receive discounts, upgrades and more for all FRESCOS partnered businesses.

On top of that, regular Holiday Giveaways will be raffled to Frescos Holders.

On that note, with years of experience in e commerce we also built FRESCOS as a brand which will start its operations with sneakers and flip flops.

The reason we settled on this approach with merchandise is that instead of selling products only to our holders, we can advertise FRESCOS products to the public and the holders of the NFTs.

We are working on a system through which, the holder would have to stake their NFT in order to be able to benefit from the actions of the store.

In addition to that, only Frescos Holders will be able to buy the LIMITED EDITION MERCH.

These will include Custom Made Sneakers from well known brands & Artists.

Many of the properties we partner with also have boutique stores where FRESCOS products will be sold.

Our P2P Travel Agency is built and currenlty in BETA. The holders of Frescos NFTs enjoy discounted rates with all our partnered properties already!

The founder & artist of FRESCOS, Minos Chrysakis aka Cooz, is also building a new 5 Star hotel along the North Coast of Crete in Greece. Of course holders will receive discounts and special offers for this hotel as well.

The seafront property is already in development.

A physical gallery and a FRESCOS & Co boutique store will be located in the hotel and FRESCOS will be presented in public areas and rooms.