Frescos is a Digital Art Project validated by blockchain technology otherwise known as NFTs.

All 999 artworks were painted and animated individually by Minos XBT. 


Frescos are a minimal & abstract blend of Colors and Shapes expressed on digital canvas.

Frescos received its name from the technique that was used in Crete during the Bronze Age by the Minoan Civilisation ( 3000 bce-1100 bce)

But - Why buy?

The reason you buy digital art is the same as the reason of buying physical art. Because you like it !

As Frescos is the first ever NFT ART project by Bita Labs, holders will always enjoy real life benefits from all the other applications that Bita Labs builds.

Bita Labs builds applications to experiment and utilise blockchain technology in several ways. 

What is a NFT?

A NFT ( Non Fungible Token ) is the digital receipt that the buyer receives in their crypto wallet to verify an action such as buying a painting.

Apps can scan the user's wallet and see if, in our case, the Painting verified as a NFT is owned by the user.

Decentralised Verification of digital ownership matters.


Each painting is minted on the blockchain. By owning the NFT you are granted access to the Bita Labs discord server to socialise with other hodlers of the art work.

We have chosen to experiment by providing extra use cases to the holders of this NFT. Frescos is the first Art Collection created by Bita Labs


Each digital painting is a unique 1/1.

Being part of a collection of 999 paintings they have been analysed according to several traits.

Click below to filter according to trait.

Things You Get

Entry to Private discord

A gated chat room used by the holders of Frescos and the Bita team to socialise.


An array of real life perks in one of the first travel agencies that operates with Crypto & Fiat Currencies.

Frescos Foods

This is an application that we are still working on through Bita Labs. We focus on EVOO and other Cretan Local products.

Bita Labs

As Bita continues to experiment with more products, the real life use cases of Frescos will also grow.

art work

Each Painting is a unique piece of digital ART

Do you see a Painting you like?

All Frescos paintings are SOLD OUT

Frescos are only available in secondary marketplaces where they are traded by their respective owners. 

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