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Introducing travel utility in the web3 ecosystem

General info

FRESCOS are 999 1/1s NFTs centered around Utility in the Travel Industry

The Frescos Travel Agency is a licensed business that offers the Best Available Rates to holders of Frescos NFTs and those of NFT Projects we are partnered with.

Frescos NFTs are the core of our ecosystem.

They will always enjoy special discounts, low cost & FREE holidays along much more...

Frescos Travel & App

Our Travel Agency is licensed in Greece was launched in November in 2022. We are currently developing all the automation to be able to launch a crosschain project from day 1.

The app is now in development and will be released in Q2 2023 ( or earlier )

Everyone will be able to sign up as a host and start offering their property through our system.


Our token will be used in our ecosystem in a similar way that Travel Miles are used in the Airline industry.

There are several additional ways that the Web3 space has enabled us to explore in order to utilise our token in the real world.

Our token is not available yet.

Stay Tuned for Updates!

Several actions within our ecosystem will reward users with our ecosystem tokens.

Examples; Referrals for sign ups, Bookings, App Downloads, Reviews & more, Content, entering raffles & more.